CMS students unveil the hot Christmas gifts

Written by Dedrick Russell

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Are you still confused about what to give your youngster for Christmas?  Don't worry, keep reading this story.  Some kids in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) just finished a scientific study ranking the hottest gifts this year.

Fifth graders from Idlewild Elementary were on a week-long assignment.  They surveyed nearly 300 students about gifts that are hot this year.  The experts used graphs to unveil their findings.

"Old people don't know what children want," said 5th Grader Elijah Adams.

Here are the top 5 choices for gifts: Nintendo DS game (5), Hot Wheels (4), Laptop computer (3), Ninendo WII (2), and cash (1).

"$100 to $300 dollars because I have a habit of shopping at Macy's," said Adams.

The students do realize a recession is going on and that's why they came up with gifts that are free. For example, a simple conversation and/or a great big hug from parents can go a long way.

"It's a lot more than any ole toy," said 5th grader Olivia Vaden.  "That'll get tattered and you can't use it anymore. A hug is a memory you're going to remember forever. "

Now, that you know what's hot, here are the no-no's to put under the Christmas tree. Students say uniforms, new glasses, underwear and another baby sister are not hot this year.

While all this may sound like fun, their teacher said there was a real teaching principal behind this exercise.

"They have learned to graph [and] collect data. This is one of the best activities to do," said CMS Teacher Barbara Caple.

They also found that younger students often want gifts designed for older children.  For example, topping a fourth graders' hot list is a cell phone.

"I guess they like the older gifts to show off," said 5th Grader Edna Orellana.

These students say their job is done and now it's up to their parents.

Students also revealed what they will be giving their parents and grandparents for Christmas.

The list consists of books, making Christmas cards, a necklace or making their parents a healthy breakfast.