Panthers' Bridges Arrested

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Panthers Player Jeremy Bridges is waiting to get his day in court. Police say the football player assaulted a bodyguard and made a customer very upset. It happened at Villa Anotonio Restaurant in Ballantyne. Management at the restaurant is silent. They say this case is between the bouncer and the customer - not the restaurant.

It was the talk of Ballantyne Village Monday.

"Carolina Panther kind of showing out at the Village." said Bar Manager Stacey Grooms

The alleged assault happened right across the parking lot from Groom's job. Police say things got out of control around one o' clock Saturday morning. Grooms was still working and this is what she saw.

"We just saw a ruckus, if you will, outside the doors." We saw three bodyguards to try to get him away." said Grooms "By the time the cops showed up, it had fizzled out."

Police reports show Panthers player Jeremy Bridges communicated threats to the bodyguard and assualted him. Also a woman was upset with Bridges when police say Bridges spilled champagne on her. This case is bad timing. Bridges' teammates are taking center stage Monday tonight by playing Monday Night Football. Will a Panthers' alleged misbehavior throw the team off focus?

"Something like that wouldn't mess with them, for the simple fact he's (Bridges) not a starter." said Former Carolina Panther Mike Minter "He's not a guy you would be counting on to be in the game."

"Being a professional you need to learn how to deal with disturbances. Enough guys know this is a big game. They'll put that aside." said Former Carolina Panther Mike Rucker

Bridges has his first appearance in court Tuesday afternoon.