Finding a job in these tough economic times

Posted by Becky Gulden

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It's day fifteen of our 20 days, 20 ways to survive the economy and today we're talking about the job market.

The unemployment rate continues to climb across the nation and here in the Carolinas.

Many people are finding themselves out of work and in many cases need to find a different career.

Anna White from Adecco Staffing Services was live on WBTV News This Morning to answer your job hunt questions.

Many people want to know if people who are 50 and older face more challenges when applying for jobs.

White says there is a perceived notion that people who are older can't keep up with changing technology.  She says if you are 50 keep in mind you have very marketable skills like experience.  Make sure to showcase that on resumes and in interviews.

Many people want to know if you are out of work if you should take the first job that comes along.  White says not necessarily.  She says if you do that, you may fall behind the rest of the people in your field.  So when the economy bounces back, which it will, you will be behind the game.

If you are out of work, White suggests using staffing services which are free.

Click on the link to watch the full interview which aired live and the web extra.