Hot Jobs for the Future

Aaron Goings spent nearly ten years at Continental Tire....then all of a sudden he got laid off.

"At my age what am I going to do now." said Aaron Goings

About two years ago Goings came to CPCC knowing one skill now he'll leave learning another...heating ventilation and air conditioning. CPCC says it's a hot field to be in right now.

"Hopefully in January I'll have my associates degree." said Goings

Right now there are thousands of people in our area who are in Goings shoes or soon will be....having to learn a second career. In order to survive in this ever changing job market you may be forced to pick up a new trade.   Jay Potter is a campus dean at CPCC. He told me the hot jobs the college teaches. One hot job of the future is in the Healthcare industry.

"The population is aging and people need to keep up physically to be able to see doctors..preventive medicine." said Jay Potter

Also occupations dealing with Green Jobs are hot.

"Any jobs that are related to alternative energy like wind power, solar power and bio mass." said Potter

Another one is Welding. It can be used in various different industries including energy and road including buildings.  Another hot job is entering Construction Management.

"Good construction managers are really needed regardless of the economy is booming or if it's down. Those are the people who bring projects on budget and on schedule." said Potter

Those are just a few hot jobs and Goings is glad this time around he's learning one of them.

"Ready to get back to work." said Goings

If you are interested in learning more about obtaining a hot your nearest community college.