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20 Days, 20 Ways to Survive the Economy

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Day One: The "Real Cost" of Credit Cards

Beware of credit cards!  Advice to stay debt free and what to do if you fall into hard times.

Day Two: Staying Stress-Free During Tough Economic Times

Dr. Dave Mendelsohn has important advice on how to stay healthy and stress-free even if you are worried about the economy.

Day Three: Financial Benefits Of Donating To Charity

Advice on how to maximize your tax return while donating to charity.

Day Four: Avoiding Repossessions!

How to avoid vehicle repossessions even if you can't pay your loan!

Day Five: Are Flex Spending Accounts Right For You?

If you have medical costs that your insurance doesn't cover it may be a good option.

Day Six: How To Get Help Paying Bills

Crisis Assistance Ministry Can Help!

Day Seven: Keeping Up With Your Credit Score

It's important to keep up with your credit score especially in these tough economic times.

Day Eight: Getting The Most Bang For Your Buck With Your Child's Lunch

When weighing both the cost and nutritional value, which is better school lunches or packed lunches?

Day Nine: Creating A Budget That Works

Most of us try budgets but end up failing at them.  We're looking at why most budgets fail and how to create one that works.

Day Ten: Finding A Job In Tough Economic Times

Finding a job is becoming more difficult since more and more people are out of work.  But there are some things you can do to put yourself above the rest!

Day Eleven: Saving Hundreds of Dollars By Clipping Coupons.

See how one family got out of debt by clipping coupons!

Day Twelve: Talking to Your Kids About Financial Problems

An expert from the Teen Health Connection gives advice to parents.

Day Thirteen: Saving Money on Car Loans

It's a good time to buy a car because of low prices but make sure you also get an affordable car loan.

Day Fourteen: Saving Money on Meds

You can't control the price you pay for medical care but we've got ways you can save on medicine!

Day Fifteen: Finding a Job In Tough Economic Times (Part Two)

Our staffing expert tells us how you can find a job.

Day Sixteen: Saving Money On Your Thanksgiving Day Meal

Do you save more money making your own meal or buying it already made?

Day Seventeen: Holiday Shopping Sales

We've got secrets to finding great deals before Black Friday! 

Day Eighteen: How to Save Money on Child Care Costs

We've got unique options for parents who want to cut down on how much they spend on child care.

Day Nineteen: How Seniors Can Save Money

If you are near retirement or already there, you may be concerned about your finances. Our expert has advice on areas you can save!

Day Twenty: How to Get Useful Economic News From WBTV

How to navigate around wbtv.com

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