Dunlap Speaks Out

Posted by Sarah Hildmann

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A debated figure being considered for the Mecklenburg County Commission speaks out to his listeners.

Commission members are being called into court this week to determine if and when George Dunlap will take the seat to replace the late Valerie Woodard.

Appointing current school board member George Dunlap to the Mecklenburg County commission remains a local political tug of war.

Four democrats and four republicans remain deadlocked holding up Dunlap's appointment , but he's basking in the controversy.

Dunlap's words came during his weekly show carried on WGIV, where he said the appointment was blocked because republican commissioner Bill James has the ability to control the minds other three party members.

While his relationship on the school board with members Kaye McGarry and Larry Gauvreau has been described as testy and contentious, the school board member at the center of this storm is taking pride in the community relations department by call himself...a healer.

Dunlap said, "I have done more to foster positive race relations in this community than a whole lot of people."

Commissioner Dan Bishop who voted against Dunlap may take issue with that.

According to published reports Bishop described Dunlap as a "remarkably divisive, racist member of the board of education"

For now this kind of criticism isn't fazing Dunlap who seems to be enjoying his moment in the sun.

Dunlap said, " I have never felt more like a celebrity in my life since my colleagues on the county commission voted against me."

It could be resolved by the end of week, because we've learned a superior court judge will hear the case on Thursday afternoon.

Judge Jessie Caldwell is assigned to the case.  You may remember his name because he was the same judge that heard the Nick Mackey case.