The Doctor's Organic Nut Bar

The Doctors Organic Nut Bar

1cup pecans

1 cup Brazilian nuts

1 cup dates

1 cup golden raisins

a pinch of salt

the zest of one lemon


Chop the pecans, brasilian nuts, dates, and golden raisins using a food prosesor or by hand using a chef's knife.

Put in a bowl and toss the salt and lemon zest to evenly distribute the flavor in the nuts.

Next on a clean surface (sheet pan or cutting board) spread the mixture out evenly.

Now add honey as a binding agent and work the honey into the nut mixture to form a compound.

The amount of honey one can use depends on how sweet one wishes to make the Nut Bar, keeping in mind that there needs to be enough honey for the mixture to stick together.

Finally form into the shape of a log, wrap tight in plastic wrap and place into the refrigerator.

When your ready to enjoy this healthy snack unwrap what you need, cut into slices and save the rest for later.