This evening on WBTV News 3...

Truce extended to Friday.  Citigroup and Wells Fargo have agreed to extend their legal standstill in the fight for Wachovia until Friday morning.  After the battle for Wachovia moved to both state and federal court over the weekend, the parties had agreed to a cease-fire at the urging of Federal Reserve officials.  But that agreement expired at noon today without a resolution on the fate of Wachovia.  WBTV's Melissa Hankins will have the latest developments at 5 p.m.

Lincoln County fatality.  Last night on WBTV News at 11 p.m., we told you about a SUV that flipped over in a pond in Lincoln County.  Today, we've learned Chasity Spivey died in the crash.  Her children, John and Payton, who were also in the SUV are in the hospital.  WBTV's Kristen Hampton is trying to find out what caused this tragic accident.

Parents keeping track online.  Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools is starting a new program where parents of elementary students can monitor online their child's attendance records, behavior report and academic grades.  Education Reporter Dedrick Russell will explain how it works at 5:30 p.m.

Student assaulted.  We have just learned a girl waiting at her bus stop was sexually assaulted this morning.  Two nearby workers heard the 12-year-old scream and came to her assistance.  They caught the suspect and held him until police arrived.  WBTV's Sarah Batista will have more on this story at 6 p.m.

And some parts of the WBTV viewing area are getting much needed rain this afternoon.  Meteorologist Eric Thomas will tell you how long the rain will be around, all starting at 5 p.m.