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Dogs adopted in Catawba County.  We have just learned that many of the 153 dogs confiscated from a home near Newton this week have been adopted.  Catawba County Animal Services made the animals available to the public for adoption beginning at 9 a.m.  There's been a steady stream of people coming in all day to the shelter to give the dogs a new home.  WBTV's Steve Ohnesorge is there and will have more on this story at 5 p.m.

The future of Charlotte's University Research Park.  Six urban land institute experts spoke to University City Partners about the future of University Research Park (URP) this morning.  Of the 21,000 Wachovia employees who work in Charlotte, 10,000 work in URP.  With Citigroup's plans to buy most of Wachovia's operations, will there be job cuts in Charlotte?  If so, how many will be cut at the University Research Park location and what impact will this have on University City?  Melissa Hankins will have answers to these questions at 5 p.m.

Gas supplies in Charlotte.  According to AAA Carolinas, one in three gas stations in the Charlotte area have gas to sell.  One spokesperson told WBTV News today that "things are getting marginally better."  Consumer Reporter Kristen Miranda will tell us about her conversation with a local gas distribution company.   She'll also examine the gas delivery system and tell us why many of them say our gas supplies aren't back to normal yet.

Mecklenburg County's unemployment rate rising.  The employment rate in North Carolina is down, but it is rising in Mecklenburg County.  WBTV's Sarah Batista visited one of the unemployment offices in east Charlotte today.  At 6 p.m., Sarah will share her interview with a woman who has been without a job for a month and is extremely worried she may not be able to find anything soon.

Wachovia stockholders rallying together.  Last night, we told you that many Wachovia shareholders are beginning to question the way Wachovia's sale to Citigroup went down.  With the bank's core business gone, its shares are practically worthless.  At 6 p.m., Melissa Hankins will tell you about an effort underway urging shareholders to vote against the deal.

Meteorologist Eric Thomas will have your 7-day forecast and Delano Little will have all your sports highlights.