Gas filled tankers rolling through town

Posted by Tom Roussey

NORTHWEST MECKLENBURG COUNTY, NC (WBTV) - Officials assure us tonight that a large shipment of gasoline for the Charlotte area has arrived, but as of late Friday night you wouldn't have known it if you looked for gas.

In an area of Northwest Mecklenburg known as "tank town", where oil from the gulf arrives by a pipeline, we saw a lot of trucks filling up and heading out.  But it's going to take a lot of work to bring Charlotte back to normal, and don't expect it to happen overnight.

Officials say it will take all weekend for the gas shipment to be distributed throughout the Charlotte area, and even after it happens things are not expected to return to normal.  That said, gas should be a lot easier to find than it has been the past three days.

On friday night gas seemed even harder to find than earlier in the day.

"It's worse," said Charlotte driver Violet Mollano.  "The only place everyone keeps saying to go to is South Carolina.  If you're practically on E, how could you go to South Carolina?"

Gas from "tank town" is often shipped all over the region, to places that include Spartanburg and Asheville.  But those areas got a shipment Thursday night, so we're told trucks that fill up in tank town will concentrate on deliveries to Charlotte and surrounding towns this weekend.  Also, a rule has been suspended that will allow gas truckers to make more deliveries without taking as much time off as they're usually required to.