Push for Residential Sprinklers Gets Boost

Fire marshals who have been pushing for code changes here in North Carolina to get residential sprinklers in homes just got a big boost.

The International Code Council has voted to require sprinklers in all new, one and two-family homes.

It doesn't mean North Carolina has to follow suit, but it clearly builds momentum.

Back in November WBTV showed you just how effective sprinklers can be.

Charlotte Fire Fighters staged a couple fires -- one room with sprinklers and one without.

The room without, was raging within seven minutes, about the time you hope firefighters would arrive.

In the sprinklered room, the heads popped about a minute in, helping douse the flames.

Keep in mind, a fire doubles in intensity every 30 seconds.

There are some cities across the country that already require sprinklers.

Those cities report zero lives lost in sprinklered homes.

Critics, like the Home Builders Association, say a requirement could price some people out of homes.

Sprinklers would add about $2 per square foot to a new home.

The North Carolina Building Code Council meets again in December.