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WBTV News wants to make it easy for you to contact the right person at our station for the information you want to share or need.

News Tips:  To report breaking news, call 704-374-3691 or email

Consumer stories:  To send suggestions for a consumer-related story, email

Speak Out:  For feedback or suggestions concerning our weekly editorials, email  

PSI Charlotte:  Got a story you want our Problem Solvers Investigators to look into?  Call 704-374-3511 or email

And the Good News is...:  If you know of a positive story such as a person or group helping others in the community, email

More contacts at WBTV...

Address:  WBTV Television
              1 Julian Price Place
                Charlotte, NC 28208  [Map]

Main phone:  704-374-3500, ext 1

Senior Management:  Nick Simonette, General Manager, WBTV, 1 Julian Price Place, Charlotte, NC 28208. 

WBTV TV Sales:  To inquire about advertising opportunities, call (704) 374-3557 or click here.

Website SalesTo advertise on our website,, call (704) 374-3751 or click here. To access our Online Media Kit, click here  To send questions or comments about our website, click here.

WBTV Weather:  For questions relating to the weather, call (704) 374-3516 or click here.

WBTV Sports:  For questions about sports, call (704) 374-3711 or click here.

WBTV Programming:  For questions regarding shows on WBTV, call (704) 374-3973 or click here.   You can see our schedule by clicking here.

Closed Captioning Issues:  Click here to find out who to contact at WBTV if you have issues or questions involving the system.

Community Calendar:  To submit events for our online events calendar and to be considered for on air coverage, click here.  Due to the large volume of events submitted, only event notices with complete information will be considered.  We require an event name, date(s), time(s), cost to attend, venue, venue address, contact name, contact phone number, URL and a brief description of the event.  Events should be submitted a minimum of three weeks in advance; we cannot guarantee posting of events submitted with less than a few days' notice.

Speakers Bureau:  If you would like a member of the WBTV News team to appear at your community event, click here. 

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