Spike in gas prices affecting services

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Gas prices are causing a huge financial hardship for many people in the Charlotte area.

On Tuesday, we drove by several gas stations in Charlotte and noticed many of the stations have run dry.  They have covered the handles with plastic bags.

We now know how soon prices will start to go back to normal.

AAA Carolinas tells WBTV the pipelines that carry gas from refineries in Texas to Charlotte have been turned back on.

Those two pipelines deliver 85 percent of the gas utilized in the Charlotte region.

At four miles an hour, it takes eight to ten days for the gas to get here.  So, we could start seeing prices fall by the end of next week.

Until then, people need to keep finding ways to save money and save the gas in their tanks.

The same gas station you use is the same one our police, postal workers and government employees use, too.

While individuals are paying 50 cents more per gallon of gas, these organizations are having to do the same thing for their entire fleet of automobiles.

As WBTV's Sharon Smith reports, the sudden spike in gas prices is affecting some of the services we rely on everyday.