Nervous drivers could cause a shortage at the pump

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Drivers across the Charlotte region lined up at the gas pumps Friday as the price of gasoline continued to rise.

We spoke with one expert to find out what's causing both the long lines and the jump in prices.

The concern is that Hurricane Ike may cause damage to refineries in the Gulf which supply at least 25 percent of the country's fuel supply.

The spokesman for AAA Carolinas, Tom Crosby, says we're creating our own worst scenario.

"If everybody goes out and fills up, we might cause the shortage we fear," Crosby said.

"If you have a quarter of a tank or less, fill up.  If you have a quarter of a tank or more, just last through the weekend because by Monday, we'll know whether Ike really inflicted serious damage or not.''

The reason prices jumped Friday is because station owners are scared their next shipment of gasoline will cost a fortune.

Despite the high price of gas, customers are buying as much as they can because they're scared, too.