Black Tea Stevia Glazed Banana Squash

Sonoma Modern American

Black Tea Stevia Glazed Banana Squash

Shaved Smoky Blue Cheese & Figs

4 ½ inch slices peeled banana squash (you can substitute other winter squash like acorn or butternut)

4 brown turkey figs sliced in circles

½ cup black tea

5 drops stevia liquid

2 T olive oil

2 -3 oz smoked blue cheese

Deseed the squash slices and cut in ½.  Heat a large pan over medium heat.  Add oil and squash.  Season with salt and black pepper.  Turn heat to low.  Cook squash on both sides until golden.  Add figs.  One minute later add tea and stevia.  Return heat to medium and simmer until  reduced and squash is glazed.  Place two ½ slices on each plate and spoon fig glaze over the top.  Crumble blue cheese over or freeze the cheese and grate the cheese over the top.  Other firm cheeses will work with the squash.  Serve as a appetizer or a side.  Enjoy!!!!!