Broyhill's Commitment to Caldwell Co.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) --  When you talk jobs and furniture in the same sentence it's usually not good news these days, but in Lenoir Thursday, it was good news.

Broyhill Industries, which was considering moving upholstery operations out of state, will stay in Lenoir and is looking to expanding.

Steve Ohnesorge tells us how it's happening.


It's all about their strategy of customer service and consolidation.

By putting all the upholstery operations under one roof in Lenoir, it allows them to quickly fill custom orders.

There's a market for that. and means jobs.

There are a lot of closed and empty plants in Lenoir.

The Broyhill facility is among the biggest.

But it's about to get new life, consolidating several operations into one big mega plant.

Upholstery operations have been holding on while some jobs have gone overseas, shipping costs and the time it takes for custom orders makes it better to build the stuff here.

There was plenty of applause when the a announcement was made

It means 850 jobs won't leave town.

300 more will come from Taylorsville and expansion could lead to 400 new jobs.

Lenoir has agreed to $2 million dollars in incentives to make the deal happen.