COPY-Concord parents upset with redistricting

Posted by Jeff Rivenbark

CONCORD, NC (WBTV) - Some parents in Concord are fed up with Cabarrus County Schools.  They say their kids are pawns in the school system's redistricting game.

Hundreds of students may have to change schools and this is not the first time its happened.

While many parents who live near the new Cox Mill High School are excited to see it being built, some who live across I-85 off Poplar Tent Road aren't happy with how the school system plans to fill the new school.

"Living here in Carriage Downs, an established neighborhood for around 20 years, our neighborhood alone has been redistricted at least 5 times," said parent Kelly Jones.

"We've opened 5 new schools.  We feel like we are an established neighborhood, we should be going to established schools."

She and others are showing their pride by placing signs in their yards.  They like their kids going to Jay M. Robinson High School and don't think they should be moved to fill up the new school.

The proposal would take Robinson students who live in several neighborhoods and move them to Cox Mill High.

Many of the upset parents believe Cox Mill will fill up on its own in a few years with all the growth in northwestern Cabarrus.  They say taking their kids now adds unnecessary stress and prevents them from building any family tradition.

"We're growing tired of it," and Jones added, "We want our kids to go to the same schools their siblings did."

She also pointed out that she and other parents have made what they call significant investments in Jay M. Robinson such as things that will benefit students long after their children have graduated.

"A lot of the PTSO board members and the booster members--very involved parents in these schools--have invested a lot of time and financial support.  The PTSO has raised $55,000 from anything from security cameras and $10,000 to the media center for books we need.  Ninety percent of teacher requests we're able to give them from batteries to science supplies, things like that, we're proud of that."

Jones and others say they are working together to try and stop the proposal when it goes before the school board next week.

The meeting will be held at Cabarrus County Schools Education Center on Monday at 6:30 p.m.