Fighting crime in Dilworth: Neighbors see results

By Steve Crump

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Residents in Dilworth are hearing tonight crime is down in nearly a dozen categories, but there is also room for improvement.

Marching on city hall this past spring proved that the squeaky wheel is getting the oil, and in this's making a difference.

For more than 20 years, Dan Jacks has owned his Berrybrook Farm in Dilworth.  He's aware of the safety challenges facing this neighborhood, and he takes great pride from receiving something that's delivered right to his in box.

Routinely, he gets e-mails from community police officers who patrols these streets, and track trends that spell out potential crime problems.

He says "It's really good to have the e-mails from the officers. It lets us know that things are better in some areas that things aren't happening in other areas that we need to be aware of."

The trends show up as dots on a screen, and pay attention what's reported to police is the responsibility of Sergeant Rich Stankhe.    In this neighborhood, car break-ins remain a problem, but the last six months larcenies from autos are down nearly 35 percent.

Sergeant Stanke says "Crime is definitely trending down in Dilworth overall and we've seen significant decreases in larceny from autos which was a particular problem spot for us over there."