Protecting Your Belongings

By: Sarah Batista

Charlotte,NC (WBTV)--Taking an inventory of what's in your home before disaster strikes -- can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

Sue Flannery is being proactive by having every item in your house photographed.

"I think a lot of people think , well there's nothing in my house, but you realize when you start adding it all up there's quite a bit," said Flannery.

Lorayn Deluca with Image Security knows how it feels to lose everything. Having been through a house fire herself, she understands the value of documenting what you own.

"This way you have a visual record listing of all your belongings in the event that your home is destroyed," said Deluca.

Deluca says the main reason people document if for insurance purposes.

A good home inventory can equal speedy claim service.

It's a detailed process that can save you a huge headache in the long-run.

Deluca suggests documenting everything from your big ticket items to your more everydays items.

Then you can load them onto a dvd and give one to a friend for safekeeping.

"If there is a fire or a flood and things are destroyed in your house, that CDis somewhere off site," said Flannery.

"What better time to be prepared for all the things you've worked hard for, you can get your replacement costs for," said Deluca.