Consumer Alert: Donate to schools, Obama's Fashion and CVS goes high-end

Doing something you might normally do anyway can funnel free money to your kid's school.

It's part community outreach and part good marketing. Either way it iss putting the power of the dollar in your hands.

Harris Teeter will donate to a school of your choice, if you buy their store brand products  and swipe your discount card. Through this program alone, local schools received 1.5 million dollars last year to use as they wished.

My Coke Rewards points that will earn you prizes, but instead you can donate some to a local school. The points translate to dollars to buy everything from sports equipment to textbooks.

Office Depot does it too, 5% of a back to school supply purchase goes to the school you choose.

Other companies are doing the same and schools are eating it up in a time of budget cuts.

"Every little bit helps - if you can do something small - you might think its small but it gives a child materials or an opportunity to do something," says CMS superintendent Dr. Peter Gorman.

There are three weeks left for schools to jump onto the Coke Rewards program. And if you were part of the Harris Teeter program last year - you do have to sign up again this year to continue donating. We'll show you how to join both programs on the Consumer page at WBTV dot com.


There's buzz about what Michelle Obama will wear as she addresses the Democratic National Convention Monday night, and here's why....

A dress off the rack from White House Black Market for $148 made headlines when it sold out after she wore it on TV earlier this summer.

Its finally available in stores and online again.

If she goes with another dress anyone can buy - will that be the next great deal and sold out trend?


Its not just Cover Girl and maybelline anymore for CVS.

The drug store chain is trying something new, opening two stores within the next year that could compete with higher end beauty retailer Sephora.

The stores will be called Beauty 360. There's no official word where, but some speculate Washington DC and Sacramento.

If they are successful, we will likely see more.