CMS cracks down on ineligible athletes

Posted by - LaToya Boyce

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Cracking down on C-M-S athletes who lie about where they live to play at certain the latest assignment for Superintendent Peter Gorman. He has been trying to tackle the problem for a whole school year. So far the district has investigated more than 200 athletes and found 20 ineligible. Tomorrow Gorman announces what he will do.

WBTV is hearing Gorman may require athletes to see a video or powerpoint presentation about eligibility rules. The recommendations will come from a list of 11 suggestions a committee came up with back in May.

The district is still receiving tips about players not telling the truth about where they live...that's how the latest  three CMS high school athletes got caught up in the district's ineligibility scandal. Principals, coaches and the superintendent say there will be a new day when it comes to playing high school sports. Muffet Garber was on the 24 member committee. They helped Gorman come up with his game plan. This former CMS administrator and parent says the recommendation she likes the most is the creation of a whistle blower system.

"Students could make a phone call anonymously and report infractions..students know more than the adults." said Committee Member Muffet Garber.

Garber told me CMS student athletes breaking the rules is nothing new for the district.  She says it happened when she was over the athletics program.  And she said there were consequences. The former associate superintendent says the punishments didn't get make headlines because they didn't happen as much as this past year.

CMS conducted more than  200 investigations in eight months...and 20 students were found ineligible. Some say making a fuss over 20 rule breaking athletes out of the nearly 16 thousand athletes in CMS is a waste of time. Garber disagrees.

"I think it is a big deal because it's perception and you do not want the community to have a perception that people in CMS do not feel following the rule is not important." said Garber.

Gorman has already had conversations about his recommendations to principals, coaches and athletic directors. Garber believes CMS has stepped up its game about eligibility requirements now she says it's time for the parents to obey the rules to help level the playing field.