Dilworth Neighbors Concerned About CMC Growth

One of Charlotte's oldest suburbs is preparing to battle with the city's largest hospital. Dilworth is known for its tree-lined streets and picturesque bungalows and it's also known for Carolinas Medical Center.

Bit by bit, neighbors in Dilworth fear their neighborhood will be gobbled up by the hospital.

"Scott Avenue, Fountain View, Garden Terrace and now East Boulevard."

Mark Allen says at least ten properties have already been sold where he lives on Fountain View, which backs up to CMC.

"All along we'd like to know the growth acquisition plan CMC has for this area."

They've discussed it at neighborhood meetings, with city leaders, and CMC officials for years.

Now things are boiling to the surface. Thursday CMC is meeting with the Planning Commission. Next week -- Dilworth neighbors have their turn.

As it stands now -- the rumor mill is churning. People are jumping on message boards about the demise of Caribou Coffee, Cantina 1511. Neighbors say those meet and greet places are the heart of Dilworth.

So are the great 1920's homes.

"it's not just neighbors complaining. It isn't that the neighborhood is against growth or changes."

Allen says they just want to know the plan, and be given a timeframe if big change is really coming.

A spokesperson for CMC says the hospital is buying up property as it has for the past twenty years. Scott White says there's not a specific plan to deal with the properties. He says when the hospital sees a good opportunity to buy for possible future use, it will.

Neighbors say that's a lot of real estate to not have a specific plan to development.