Barbara's Buddies: Barbara's Story

Barbara Pinson

Hi guys.  I'm sooooo happy and thankful to work for a station that could see my vision, and give me the latitude to see it through to fruition.  I initially approached one of my producers with this idea and boy did our minds start going a million miles a minute.  We kept feeding the 'yearning to be healthy' beast (if you will).  Then I took the idea to management... and it grew into this... Barbara's Buddies.

So what is Barbara's Buddies?

Basically it's a buddy system to get in heart healthy shape.  We will be telling some of our viewers' stories on air... and we'll be tracking and encouraging dozens of viewers with our online version of this buddy system.


Because I saw a grandfather I love so dearly, the one person who ALWAYS fostered my dream of being a newscaster, die of a heart attack before he could see me on-air.  Because every time I visit Montgomery, Alabama... I see a grandmother who's showered me with love still struggle to get around following a stroke.  Because I've seen my own mother suffer minor strokes when she was even younger than me.

I'm doing this because I've spent more than a few hours organizing prescription meds and breaking pills in half...  placing them in pill boxes for my grandmother who has heart disease.  I'm doing this because I feel in some way it's helping and honoring those in my life who are suffering and have suffered from debilitating and deadly diseases and conditions.

I know we can't dictate the future... but I truly believe making healthy choices can go a  long way in keeping these conditions at bay.  And who knows... maybe dedicating the rest of my life now to being healthier will save the child/children and grandchild/children I hope God will one day bless me with, at least some of the heartache of seeing me suffer in my older years.

And that starts with taking control now.  I know I'm not severely overweight... but I do have a significant amount of fat cupping my heart... and That Ain't Good!   And yes... a number of my favorite suits just don't fit anymore because I've gained more than a few over the last few years.

But this really isn't a vanity thing for me.  It's a decision to be healthy.

As I began reaching out to our viewers... I realized I'm not alone.  There are a ton of emotional eaters who want to take control of their lives.  There are countless folks who have extensive histories of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.  And there are a so many of us who just can't seem to fit fitness into our lives.


Thank you WBTV, thank you Viewers and thank you Buddies for believing in this vision!