Barbara's Buddy: The Weaver Family

The Weaver Family

Meet (from left to right) 37-year old Nyruh, 11-year old Imani and 34-year old Darlene.

This family of three captured our attention because as a group, they're wanting to change some habits and get their hearts in great shape!

Nyruh and his wife Darlene met more than a dozen years ago while serving in the US Army.  As you might expect, they were both in great shape.

Since then, Darlene says they've made bad food choices and have settled into a life of inactivity.  Now they want to be better role models for their daughter, Imani.

Add to that a family history of heart disease and stroke, and this becomes a need to take charge of their health and keep those risk factors at bay.

We expect to see some military-type Buddy motivation from these guys... and we welcome it!