School Board Discusses Gang Report

Ever heard of the 187 Hoover Crips?      
The 730 Murder Mob?   The Insane Mafia Kings? Gunna Boyz? Little Criminals 13?

They're all on a list of gangs, identified as being in CMS,  through one-on-one interviews with students.

Tuesday night, CMS board members recieved a copy of that list as part of a new report on gangs in schools.

Dr. Ralph Taylor put the report together. He says 450 gang members are in CMS and gangs are actively recruiting.

Board Member Kaye McGarry wondered why the school district isn't doing enough to fight this clear gang problem.

Board member George Dunlap disagreed, saying nothing in this report is new... and there's no reason to suddenly be talking about the issue now.

Dr. Ralph Taylor, played down the issue of gangs in school.

He said in a five year study, one percent of all incidents at CMS were gang-related