Meet The Trainers

During Barbara's Buddies, our Buddies will be meeting with two very key people to help them in their quest to get healthy.

Our trainers are Jason Boudrie and Aly Faber.

About Jason:

Jason is the owner and a trainer with AIM Fitness & Performance.  He will work with our Buddies to help them get into shape, using the right exercises and techniques.

Jason Boudrie, Owner of AIM Fitness, has been in the fitness industry for over fifteen years. Beginning as a personal trainer, Jason has built and managed facilities both large and small, consulted with Fortune 500 companies on employee health and fitness programs, and worked with athletes looking to improve their games. He also works with adult clients in small, semi-private personal training groups.

Jason is married with two daughters and lives in Charlotte.

Learn more about AIM Fitness & Performance here.

Have a question for Jason?  E-mail him!

About Aly:

Aly is the Buddies guide to yoga.  But this isn't your Momma's yoga, Aly work with several groups of professional athletes, including the Charlotte Bobcats.

Aly is a registered and certified Yoga Teacher and Trainer, Fitness Coach and former corporate recruiter with over 19 years of direct and training expertise. She founded her business as a means to "empower" her clients to be powerful tools in their own healing and in the alleviation of pain, injury and stress.

Bridging the gap between the corporate and the holistic/spiritual realms, Aly has a unique mastery of yoga (body, mind and spirt), non-traditional fitness training as well as corporate management experience.  She uses Empower Yoga's unique 5 components in all of her teaching: Breath, Flexibility, Balance, Coordination and Strength to create Mind and Body Connections.  This style of yoga can help any and every one! 

Aly provides private, group, team and corporate yoga training throughout the United States. She is on the advisory committees for Yoga Alliance and Wellness Coalition America, and has created and managed Yoga, Fitness, and Educational programming for national organizations.

Aly specializes in working with professional sports teams as well as individual players. This includes players from the Carolina Bobcats, Washington Wizards and Carolina Panthers. She also works with young baseball players who are draft hopefuls for the Minor and Major League. Her approach creates enhanced performance, maximization of personal potential and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

The website for Empower Yoga and Fitness is under construction, but feel free to check it out!