WBTV Helps Find Suspect in Deadly Belmont Hit & Run

WBTV helping track down a suspect in this deadly hit and run accident.

Ronnie Eudy was hit by a car and killed on the Catawba River Bridge in Belmont last night when he stopped to help another motorist who was having a medical emergency.

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Hours later police identified a person of interest in the case- we showed you Charla Davis's picture on WBTV News This Morning.

Her friend tells us he saw that picture- and that's when Davis turned herself in.

WBTV's Kristen Hampton is live at the Gaston County Jail.

Kristen this happened last night, there doesn't seem to be much question as to whether Davis was involved, so why haven't police charged her?

Was alcohol a factor? That's what police want to find out before they charge her... as of right now they just don't know.

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GO RIGHT TO SOT: 34:31-"Was she impaired, did she just run away and stay hid until she sobers up or you know whats's the factors there."

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VO: Police say Davis admitted to causing this. The silver suv you see there stopped in the middle of highway 74 after the driver had a seizure. Passengers in the car got out to help and were standing in the oncoming traffic lane. A tractor trailer also stopped behind the suv to help. Police say Charla Davis was traveling in the oncoming lane when she slammed into 3 people. Davis then left the scene. The driver of that big rig died early this morning and one other woman is in critical condition... A friend brought Davis to the PD this morning to turn herself in.

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SOT: "She just panicked and left the scene, she didn't know until I got ahold of her after seeing the news on your channel actually that somebody was involved and when I told her that people were hurt and one was possibly dead, she told me to come pick her up to turn herself in."

The police chief tells me Davis could be arrested as soon as this weekend and brought here to the GC jail. Coming up at 6, Davis's friend says she's a good woman who's fallen on some tough times. We'll tell you why he says she took off.

Davis has been arrested twice in the last four years.

Once in Gaston County on Cocaine charges and another in Charlotte for DWI.