Mooresville Police Chief Fired

The police chief of the town of Mooresville has been fired. Last night former chief John Crone submitted his resignation due to an investigation into finances for the Cops 4 Kids program, but the resignation was rejected and Crone was fired.

Mayor Bill Thunberg, Mooresville said:"The chief did submit a resignation yesterday but it was not an acceptable resignation so the town manager terminated him."

Crone was suspended one month ago for allegations that money spent as part of the Cops 4 Kids program was not properly documented. Crone denied any wrongdoing and said the investigation would clear his name. The controversy has been the talk of the town.

"If he's guilty he should resign," according to one resident.

Now he's gone, but the investigation isn't.  The mayor added: "The investigations are continuing on the internal side and the SBI investigation continues."

So for now Mooresville is the town without a police chief, but both the mayor, and several residents we spoke with say they believe the department is in good hands.

"Major Robbins has been doing a great job as the interim chief."

"Some of them I know seem to be doing a very good job, it's not jsut based on one man."

"Yeah, I don't the chief makes the whole department."

The day to day operations of the department are caryring on with Major Carl Robbins as the interim chief, some on the county board say he would be a good candidate to take the job permanently.

The mayor tol dus the new city manager will make the decision regarding a new chief, but he said today there is no immediate time table for that decision.