Neighborhood Group Targets Gilchrist

When citizen group Neighbors For a Safer Charlotte first banded together, they wanted to raise funds for the District Attorney, organizing marches, showing up to meetings...

"This city has a shameful, I repeat, shameful, shortage of district attorneys," said NFSC member Clyde Nelson. 

But now they're targeting him. Peter Gilchrist has long bemoaned a lack of funding in his office: "W

e can't function this way," he said.

The technology there so outdated, details get lost, cases get dismissed. Natalie Garrison works for Gilchrist.

"Is it uncomfortable sometimes to dismiss a case?" she asked. "Yeah, because it wasn't right."

But now NFSC suggests what isn't the fact that Gilchrist himself hasn't scored the funds the system needs, even hinting he's stood in the way. Check out the group's website, where it says "a history of resistance to change from District Attorneys and judges is in part why we're still operating under a feudal-like system that is at least 20 years old and outdated."

Now NSF wants to hire someone new and more aggressive to fix the problem...a head to the administrative office of the courts...and they want a committee formed to elect this person. They're saying this is the way to finally break down the barriers for change in Charlotte's criminal justice system sorely needs.