Drive For A Penny A Mile

Because of gas prices, sales of two-wheeled vehicles are up.

Motorcycles, bikes, scooters.

When you hear the word scooter, what image comes to your mind?

Probably not this.

An electric scooter is one of the newest modes of transportation to hit Charlotte. Ride this thing to work, and you'll never have to fill up.

You just re-charge the battery.

Matthews Fun Machines store manager Tee Caldwell says he's ready for an influx of customers, because the idea of never paying gas is a pretty thought for just about everyone.

Our Molly Grantham tried it out - click on the attached link to see her story.


"It doesn't have any gears. It's just turn the throttle and go."

That's from Tee Caldwell, store manager at Matthews Fun Machine.

He says this while showing us how to ride the newest piece of equipment in his store.

An electric scooter.

There's no gas tank.

No transmission.

Just a plug.

They're made by a European company called Vectrix.

The price tag is hefty -- $8,800.

What you won't be buying, is gas or oil.

Just a penny a mile for the charge you put into the battery.

"People can ride without paying for gas," says Caldwell.  "They can say, 'You know what... Thank you Mr. Arab Nation, but you're not getting any more of my money.'"

The top speed of this electric scooter is 62 miles per hour.  It takes three hours to fully charge a battery.

You can go up to 60 miles on one charge... but the faster you go faster you use up the battery.

It is a not a toy, Caldwell emphasizes.  Not a novelty item.  You have to be have a motorcycle operator's license to ride one... and should always wear a helmet.

The best part, he adds, is you can plug it into any typical three-pronged, 110-volt outlet.

So ride it to work -- then let it charge during the day until you drive home.