CMPD Unveils Homicide Website & Hotline

CMPD just launched a new homicide website and hotline, hoping to generate tips and put people in touch with detectives faster.

Every single open case this year is highlighted with the victim's picture, crime scene information and how to contact the lead detective.

Captain Paul Zinkann said, "We're wanting to talk to people in real time to get real information that we can move and act on."

Right now, out of 45 murders this year in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, 24 are unsolved.

One of them is the case on 12-year-old Joshua Jackson, shot at a Sweet Sixteen party six months ago along Beatties Ford Road.

His mom says people in the community need to come forward. "I believe in my heart they know exactly who killed my son," she said.

Beverly Jackson said all the flyers, website, and hotlines in the world won't solve the problem of people not speaking up.

"You got it. You hit it on the head. It takes the community to give us the answer," she said.

Just a few houses down, and a few weeks later after Joshua's  murder, neighbor LaTasha Early was found shot after a break-in. Her four kids were upstairs sleeping.

To solve these cases, and all the rest, Cpt. Zinkann brings it back to what Joshua's mom said earlier.

"We can't clear cases without the community's help," he said.

All they can do is ask and make it easy. Shoot the detective an email, give him or her a call.

Now there's even a homicide hotline -- 704-432-TIPS, that will transfer tipsters to the right detective.

Callers can remain anonymous or not.