Culture Clash And Demi Lovato

They were enjoying the show, even if they weren't exactly working out...hundred of senior adults came for a bit of the King, and to attend a program called Age Rocks...vendors set up booths to talk about different programs for how does this generation, raised on radio and Elvis, see the younger generation?  Here's what some seniors had to say:

"I think they're spoiled, they don't work, parents give them everything they want."

"They're too much into games they play on TV, not enough exercise, not enough outdoor activity...

Well there was a lot of outdoor activity today, hundreds waiting in the blazing sun to see Disney's rising star Demi Lovato.

"Because I'm Demi's absolute biggest fans," said one.

So what do these kids, raised on Hannah Montana, X-Box, and High School Musical, think of seniors?

"I think they are very fragile and I try to be nice to them and I smile at them when I'm around them," said one fourteen year old.

And what about the perception some senoirs have that today's young people are lazy and spoiled?

"They're just saying that, they probably don't know what they're talking about."

So I took the question to Demi Lovato, the object of today's pre teen affection...if she's a role model for this generation, what advice would she give them?

"Don't try to be something that you're not, be yourself...I'm going to try and be the best that I can."

A very mature answer for someone so is interesting, most of the seniors I talked to said they tought today's kids were spoiled, but as every parent probably know, who really spoils kids? Usually the grandparents.