Salmonella Scare Hurts Business

This week's salmonella scare has had a big impact on several businesses. One of them, popular eatery Cantina 1511. Health inspectors found a link to the Mexican restaurant when they researched seven day meal histories of the eleven people in Mecklenburg County who got sick from the bacteria.

WBTV's Melissa Hankins talked to one of Cantina's owners today.

"There's no definitive link between eating at Cantina and getting sick," the restaurant's co-owner, Frank Scibelli, said.

He didn't want to go on camera today, but he did want to clear something up. Of those who got ill, only a few reported eating at Cantina. And there were other places, he says, that they could have picked up the bacteria.

Health inspectors scoured his restaurant.

"They come in the restaurant, they examine exhaustively every inch...everything's fine. Everything's negative. But it gets reported that people ate in the restaurant and got sick."

The results of that negative publicity weren't pretty.

"We're down about fifteen or twenty percent in the last couple of days, which is really unfortunate becasue we've been cleared. There are no issues with how we handle food."