Morganton Makes a Play for the Little League

Remember all the excitement when  a team from Morganton made it to the Little League World Series four years ago?

Well, Morganton wants to recapture some of that excitement and boost it's economy by becoming the Southeast Regional Headquarters for Little League Baseball.

The organization is moving out of it's Florida facilities and is looking for a new home.

At least a dozen cities are in the running and Morganton is one of them. City officials have put together a proposal and a short dvd, telling little league officials about the area, and reminding them about the team that represented Morganton a few years ago.

The city already has big new baseball complex. Catawba Meadows has nine fields. City officials believe this park gives them an advantage, because a lot of what little league needs is already here.That includes the space needed for a $5,000 seat stadium for regional  tournaments broadcast on  national TV.

The economic impact could be in the millions with everyone from  downtown stores to sandwich shops to coffee shops getting a piece of it.

Little League officials will narrow down the field to five finalists by November and make a final decision on where they'll move to sometime after the first of the year.