Grocery Store Product Downsizing

There's something sneaky going on along the shelves of your local supermarket.

Call it grocery store downsizing.

You may be paying the same amount every week, but you're getting less.

That's why we took a closer look at what you're money is really buying.

Manufacturers have found a way to get around having to charge you extra to offset the rising cost of fuel and shipping.

Sometimes the change is almost impossible to notice, but we're here to show you exactly how much you're being short-changed.

Milk - more expensive.

Eggs - the price is climbing.

But all this stuff will cost you about as much today, as it did last year. There's just less of it.

Sad to say, today, no product is immune to downsizing.

Tod Marks, from Consumer Reports, tells us - the redesigned packages of products that have been shrunk - often look identical to their predecessors.

"I think what people object to is the fact that these sneaky package redesigns are done in a very underhanded way" Todd said.

Website consumerist dot com compared old and new .

Edy's ice cream, these two containers look the same from this angle. But look at them here - you lose a whole inch - you also lose a full cup of ice cream. This size is 3.96 - think this costs less? think again  same price. Dawn liquid dishsoap has downsized. This is how much you get in the bottle now - its this much less than you used to get.

Then there are glad trash bags,  the price hasn't changed, but you're getting 16 fewer bags. Still $6.44.

Don't you think they build better loyalty with their brand by just being up front about it and saying hey we are going through the what you are going through and this is what we've got to do?

I don't think the are too worried about loyalty because they figure eventually all the big names will be doing it. And you know what you've got to buy that milk anyway.

Given all that we've said, what's the smart way to shop? A, focus on the unit price. Comparethe price per ounce or pound of your favorite brand, to other brands, that will show you the best deal. And B, be willing to buy store brands. Our expert says quality is comparable to the name brand.

Plus our expert tells us those brands are less likely to downsize, it keeps them different, and keeps loyal customers.

Then there are these products, using downsizing to their advantage, these manufacturers are hoping to get new customers, advertising that they're staying the SAME size.