As Economy Slumps, Many Turn to eBay to Unload Stuff

It was a good quarter for eBay as the online auction site saw a 22 percent jump in profits in the last several months. Is this because more people are looking for a deal?

Analysts say its due to a couple of things, more people are listing their stuff on eBay, looking to bring in a little money. Also, PayPal, the company's online payment service is growing.

That means there are people looking to make a deal for sure and there are likely some new buyers on eBay

I tried to find a car charger for my cell phone that was about $30 in the store. Online, it was nine dollars on eBay, and I got a wall charger and phone cover with it.

It was a real deal, but I was warned by my cellular company that you can't always trust what you buy on eBay.

So a refresher course for all of you new to eBay.

Above all,  thoroughly read a sellers profile, especially the reviews from those who have bought from them before. eBay says any rating of 98% or higher is best case scenario.

Many people wonder when a deal is too good to be true, where did the item come from? Was this stolen?

Sometimes there is recourse through eBay, your credit card company or PayPal if you run into a real problem, but your best bet is to avoid any issues in the first place.

eBay isn't the only place to find a deal, there are dozens of sites you might want to check out. is an auction site without some of the fees eBay charges. surveys dozens of reputable stores and lists the best deals they have each day.

And surveys 17 different deal sites that are out there and lets you know what are the best deals of all of the deals.