Hickory Water Restrictions Remain the Same, Despite Recent Rains

Posted by: Whit Walker

The Catawba-Wateree Drought Management Advisory Group (CW-DMAG) today recommended its members continue with the current water restrictions as the Catawba-Wateree Basin remains in a Stage 3 drought.  Hickory is a member of the CW-DMAG, and Hickory, along with communities in the Greater Hickory Metro adhere to the recommendations.

The Cities of Hickory, Lenoir, Morganton, Conover and Claremont, and the Towns of Granite Falls, Valdese, Long View and Maiden, as well as customer water systems including water corporations in these areas will continue with their existing water use restrictions.  These restrictions are in effect for any customer who receives a utility bill from these systems or systems they provide water to and will be in effect while the Catawba River Basin remains in Stage 3 LIP drought conditions or until drought measures change and public water suppliers feel it prudent to modify the restrictions.

"Despite the recent heavy rains in the Hickory area over the last couple of weeks the Catawba River Basin as a whole continues to be in a Stage 3 drought," said City of Hickory Assistant Public Services Director Kevin Greer. "The rains we have received are very welcomed, however stream flows and ground water levels continue to be below normal and the lake storage has depleted some as expected with hotter temperatures."

"Weather forecasters continue to predict a drier than average summer and it is prudent that our customers continue to follow the water restrictions," added Greer.  "We appreciate and thank our utility customers for their amiable response and heeding the request for water use restrictions."   

The restrictions as of July 10, 2008 are as follows:

Residential Car Washing

  1. Vehicle Washing is allowed one day per week with use of a manned hose, a spring-loaded nozzle and bucket.
  2. Old or failed spring loaded nozzles should be replaced to ensure that the minimum amount of water necessary is used.

Pressure Washing

1.   Residential - pressure washing by a citizen on his/her property is allowed one day per week with the prior notification to and approval from the responsible water provider.  Residents will be required to provide the date, time and address where pressure washing will occur.

2.   Commercial and/or Contractor Performed - Commercial businesses and/or Pressure Washing Contractors are allowed to perform pressure-washing projects with prior notification to the responsible water provider.  Businesses/Contractors will be required to provide the date, time frame and address for each project they intend to perform.

Lawn Irrigation

  1. Customers will be allowed to irrigate or water lawns one day per week between the hours of 7 a.m. - 11 a.m. OR 7 p.m. - 10 p.m. based on the following schedule:
  • Customers with addresses in NE and SW Hickory, including Mountain View, and customers in the Sherrill's Ford Community and Town of Catawba will be allowed to irrigate lawns on Fridays.
  • Customers with addresses in NW Hickory and the City of Conover, City of Claremont, and Town of Maiden will be allowed to irrigate lawns on Saturdays.
  • Customers with addresses in SE Hickory, Alexander County and Icard Township Water Corporation service area will be allowed to irrigate lawns on Sundays.
  • Customers in the Town of Valdese and the City of Morganton with odd-numbered addresses will be allowed to irrigate lawns on Saturdays.
  • Customers in the Town of Valdese and the City of Morganton with even-numbered addresses will be allowed to irrigate lawns on Sundays.
  • Customers in the City of Lenoir, Town of Granite Falls and Town of Longview will be allowed to irrigate lawns on Saturdays.
  • Athletic Fields will be allowed to irrigate one day per week as well.  A schedule must be approved with the water provider.
  • All lawn irrigation should be performed in a responsible manner and in no event should irrigation exceed one inch per week including any rain received.

Swimming Pools - Commercial and Residential:

  1. New pool construction may be completed and filled one time for testing and warranty.
  2. Leaks in existing pools must be patched or repaired to the extent possible.  All leaks must be fixed.
  3. If liner requires replacement due to leakage, the Owner or Contractor must notify the responsible Water Provider prior to work being done.  The liner may be replaced upon approval of the Water Provider, may be filled one time for setting the liner and testing.
  4. All new pools, liner replacements or major maintenance will require the pool to be equipped with a solar blanket or manufacturer recommended cover.
  5. Pool cover must be in place over pool while pool is not in use.
  6. Owners may maintain water level so to avoid structural or mechanical damage to pool between the hours of 7 a.m. to 11a.m. or 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily.  No more water than absolutely necessary shall be added.
  7. Owners must provide an inspection report, from homeowner or contractor, for the pool detailing any leaks evident and repaired or that no leaks exist.

Ornamental Fountains:

  1. Ornamental water fountains dependent upon Municipal Water must be turned off.
  2. Ornamental water features with existing aquatic habitat may be operated at minimum level to support health of inhabitants.
  3. No new or replacement inhabitants may be added to features.
  4. Ornamental water features, which do not support aquatic life, must be turned off.

Landscape Watering (Trees, Flowers, Shrubs and Vegetable Gardens):

  1. Trees, Shrubs, Flowers and Vegetable Gardens may be watered between the hours of 7am to 11am or 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily.  Minimum amount of water necessary shall be used.
  2. Watering must be performed with a manned hose equipped with a spring-loaded nozzle, drip line or soaker hose.