Dog Used as Bait Rescued

In Burke County, a disturbing story about dog fighting. A pit bull was found last month that some experts say was used as bait to train other pit bulls to fight.

That dog was torn up and half its face was gone.

But thanks to local veterinarians the dog is doing better and search is on for who was responsible.

Phantom was found along Antioch Road last month in Morganton. He had wandered up to a woman's home.

Cruelty investigator Ed Davis thinks Phantom was used to train fighting dogs.

"I think it was used as a bait dog," says Davis. "He was beat up real bad."

The dog was dropped off at Friends for Animals. He's being nursed back to health.

Meanwhile investigators are having a hard time finding out what happened to Phantom before his rescue. Officials with the local animal group aren't surprised. They believe neighbors fear retribution for reporting animal fighting.