COPY-No decision yet on court action for Richmond budget battle

From NBC12 News

The City Council hasn't yet decided if it will take Mayor Doug Wilder to court over the budget.

Council met behind closed doors for about an hour Monday night to discuss the matter.

The mayor says his budget, not Council's, is valid. But, his proposal doesn't include Council's cost of living increase for retirees -- that's leaving about 3,800 Richmond retirees in limbo and Council may sue to keep its budget in place.

"You have two branches of government, each with specific duties. When one branch of government completely ignores the charter and duties what recourse do you have?" says Richmond City Council member.

"If they decide to fight it, we've got a chance," says Richmond retiree Ray Jackson.

The City Council plans to meet again in the near future to discuss what it's next step will be.

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