Senator Elizabeth Dole Remembers Helms

The Jesse Helms Center quickly opened its doors on this holiday once hearing the passing of Senator Jesse Helms. Right now a condolence book has been set up ....right beside it is a potrait of the long time politician and below the portrait there are flowers with two Amercian flags in it.......Outside the center flags were lowered in memory of the senator. The Jesse Helms center opened about seven years ago here in Wingate. It showcases the life of the popular and oftentimes controversial leader. As America reflects on the life of Helms visitors can come here and see a replica of the senator's office on Capitol Hill, read newspaper headlines Helms made while in office...and look at cartoons depicting the senators stand on certain issues. While in office Helms was best known for foreign relations. Some credit him for strengthening the United Nations. In fact there is a wall of pictures of Helms and foreign leaders. John Dodd is the president of the center. He has worked for Helms for more than 20 years. Today he gave me his thoughts on the passing of his former boss.

John Dodd says: "I think he will leave behind a legacy of principle of leadership...a man that had courage in his convictions. He made a difference and it impacted public policy.

The center will remain open this weekend so people can sign the condolence book.