Airport Readies for Busy Summer

In anticipation of a very busy summer travel season, Charlotte Douglas International Airport will open its  Overflow Parking Lot this weekend. Overflow lots are opened only when all other parking lots are at capacity. CLT passenger numbers continue to increase, with the first several months of 2008 indicating an average of 7 percent increase in passenger growth. Last year, CLT served more than 14 million customers from May-September, the traditional summer travel season, a 12 percent increase from 2006. The Airport and its parking areas will be congested, so make sure to park smart by planning

ahead and packing properly for a smooth departure.

SmartPark - Think It.

CLT encourages all passengers to think ahead and SmartPark by:

Knowing your ABC's...

A= Ample Parking Available

B= Be Prepared, Allow Time to Park

C= Congested Parking Conditions, Expect Delays

Knowing the number, know the website. For up-to-date parking availability, call 704-359-5555 or visit, where maps are also available.

Arriving early, taking your time and packing your patience.

SmartPark - Plan It.

Plan your parking options--

o Hourly Parking Free for the first 30 minutes $1.00 per 30 minutes $16.00 Daily Maximum

o Daily Parking $1.00 per hour $6.00 Daily Maximum

o Remote Parking $3.00 Daily Maximum

o Long-Term Parking $3.00 Daily Maximum

o Business Valet $10.00 Daily Maximum Looking for Guaranteed Airport Parking? Just drop your vehicle off with the valet representative and take a 5-minute shuttle bus ride to the Ticketing level. Upon your return, catch the Business Valet bus on the Ticketing level and return to pick up your vehicle.

o Curbside Valet $19.00 Daily Maximum Simply drop your vehicle off at the end of the Ticketing level with the valet representative.

Upon your return, come back to Curbside Valet to pick up your vehicle.

o Overflow lots are opened only when all other parking lots are at capacity for a one-time $10 fee.

SmartPark - Park It.

Get dropped off at the Airport, carpool, ride CATS, or use one of the many taxi and ground transportation companies serving the Airport.

Use the Airport's free Cell Phone lot, located on Rental Car Road. Simply tell your party to call you on your cell when they arrive and head to the curbside once you get the call.

Please remember that only immediate loading and unloading are permitted on the curbside. It is prohibited to leave vehicles unattended on Ticketing or Baggage Claim levels. If your vehicle is left unattended, it will be ticketed and towed.

If you are picking up loved ones and want to greet them in the terminal, take advantage of free parking in the Hourly decks. The first 30 minutes in the Hourly decks are free.

Security Before you pack your bags, make sure you know the latest security regulations.

Be sure to know TSA's 3-1-1 procedures for carry-on luggage--three ounces-one quart-one bag. Passengers may carry up to three ounces of liquids and gels in carry-on luggage, but they must be stored in a one quart size clear plastic zip-top bag, and each passenger is allowed one bag. Liquids or gels can also be carried in checked luggage.

Allow plenty of time. Increased passenger volumes are expected during this period. Longer than usual wait times at airline check-ins and security checkpoints can be expected during peak periods.

For more information about Charlotte Douglas International Airport, visit or call CDIAL, the Airport's automated phone information at 704-359-4910. To get up-to-date flight

information, call 704-359-DATA (3282).