ABC stores to open on Sundays in Richmond

By Jola Szubielski - bio | email

In 2004, the General Assembly passed a law allowing ABC stores to open on Sunday in several areas across the Commonwealth.

Now, you can add Richmond to that list. Starting in July, ABC stores within the city limits will be open seven days a week.

It's a controversial issue for some, but for the abc stores, selling liquor on Sundays, not only provides much needed revenue for the state, but also provides customer convenience.

Part of the General Assembly's legislation included opening ABC stores on Sundays in cities with a population of 100,000 or more. That means the first Sunday of July, the 6th, Sunday sales will expand to include Portsmouth, Hampton, Newport News, Chesapeake, and Richmond. 

"Part of our mission is to be a consistent source of revenue and it does increase profit," says ABC spokesperson Jennifer Farinholt.

In fact, ABC sales have contributed $1 billion to the Commonwealth's general fund in the last five years. Sunday sales in other parts of the state alone have proven to add almost $10 million. 

All 10 stores in Richmond will now have their doors open to customers seven days a week. An ABC spokesperson says adding the extra day, does not in any way take away from sales during the rest of the week.

"The trend is that Sunday has become one of the most popular shopping days," says Farinholt. "Also our stores are located in shopping centers and their stores are open on Sunday, so this will provide a more efficient, one stop shopping experience."

And while opening ABC locations around the Commonwealth has brought some controversy with it for various reasons. Others don't mind it, saying grocery stores in our area already sell beer and wine.

"When you work and you're busy all week, and your Saturday is all tied up, sometimes Sunday is your only day to go grocery shopping to pick up things like beer and wine," says resident  Lynn Chapman.

Resident Felicia Bailey agrees. She feels people have things to do on Saturdays. And she feels it will be good to be open on Sundays.

Thirty-six states around the country already have Sunday sales in affect as well. ABC stores within the city limits will be open July 6th for Sunday sales.

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