County Commission is Questioned About Funds Used to Fight Crime

Is County Commission Reneging on its commitment to fight crime?

The county is expecting three million dollars to come in and there is a debate about whether or not it will.

County Manager Harry Jones is advocating putting all the money in a contingency fund to spend when a newly-formed Crime Fighting Task Force comes out with its recommendations in November.

The Republicans back that plan, however, Democrats on the County Commission want to set aside one million dollars for crime fighting, however the other two million would go towards other things.

Mecklenburg County Commissioners will vote on this tommorrow night. However, tonight the main concern is why new money coming in isn't being allocated to fight crime.

About two months ago, hundreds of neighbors headed to the Government center to demand local leaders do something about the rising crime.

While police do all they can making arrests, an overburdened and under funded criminal justice system funded by the state too often lets repeated offenders go free.

Some of the counties crime fighting money is going towards what the state should be taking care of.

Both Democrats and Republicans on the County Commission support giving more money to fight crime. The county is adding more than 3-million dollars to crime fighting and public safety within this budget.