Grilled Cabbage With Peach Vinaigrette

Sonoma Modern American

Grilled Cabbage Wedge

with a SC peach vinaigrette, shaved reggiano

Serves 6


1 Savoy cabbage (3#) cut in 6 wedges

5 T olive oil

1 tsp chopped new garlic

1 T chopped flat leaf parsley

1 tsp chopped oregano

salt & pepper

Marinate cabbage with ever thing but the salt and pepper.  Let sit 1 hour.  Season with salt and pepper.  grill over wood charcoal on the cut sides.  Remove from grill.  Place in a pan and cover with plastic wrap.  Let it soften until room temperature.  This can be done well in advance.


2 SC peaches peeled and diced fine

1 T brunoise red onion

1 tsp honey

2 T lemon juice

5 T extra virgin olive oil

Stir together.


Warm cabbage back on the grill or in the oven.  Drizzle with the vinaigrette.  Shave the cheese over the top.  Serve as a side or by itself.  Enjoy!!!!!