Work on Kannapolis Research Campus Mural to Begin Soon

Posted by: Whit Walker

Work is soon to start on the crowning glory of the North Carolina Research Campus in Kannapolis.

Internationally known artist Brenda Mauney Councill palns to start painting a vast mural in the dome of the core lab this week.  It'll be a big job since the dome is 36 feet in diameter, 21 feet high, and covers 2500 square feet.

Artist Brenda Mauney Councill said, "When I saw the dome itself I really was mesmerised at the thought of doing it and accepted the challenge immediately."

Councill is a North Carolina native, her work can be seen, among other places, in the new library dome at Appalachian State University.

She can't reveal what the Research Campus mural will show, only to say it will feature a bright sun and many other colorful images related to nutrition.