City Council Budget Meeting

Charlotte's city council approved its billion plus dollar budget.

That means more police, and bigger paychecks for some city leaders.

There's no tax increase for most people living in Charlotte, but there are some special taxing districts in the downtown area where taxes are going up a little bit.

The budget passed tonight by a 6 to 5 vote. Interestingly this was not a vote by party...multiple Republicans and Democrats voted both for and against this.

One sticking point involved affordable housing bond money. Democrat Anthony Foxx tried to up the amount voters will be asked to approve from ten million to fifteen.

"I firmly believe you don't grow something before taking care of your existing responsibilities first." Foxx Said

In the end Foxx's effort to raise the amount of affordable housing bond money failed.

Also of note on this budget, city council members will get a 27 percent increase in amount of salary and compensation they receive.

Also at city council tonight money was approved to outfit one police cruiser with these smart cameras.

The cameras take pictures of license plates. If a vehicle is stolen the officer will get an alert over his computer screen.