Keeping Cool in the Heat, Ceiling Fans in Your Home

The heat is making it downright miserable outside, but did you know there is one thing that you can put in your home now that will help you keep cool?

Kristen Miranda joins us live to tell us about that.

You may have one, but a ceiling fan can go a long way to increasing the amount of cold air circulating through your home. When you turn on the AC, you might not turn on the ceiling fan, but if you turn the ceiling fan on, it circulates the air and helps you to keep the bills low.

This is something we sometimes forget about. It works on evaporation, gets you cooler. Get into the shade if you are outside. Not a genius move, but easy to do. If you have the opportunity to go inside, go inside. You have seen the runners out there during the week. I don t know if i give them credit or think they are crazy. They are out there. You don t want to overexpert yourself if you don t want to. Why do you tell us these things? sometimes we forget and it s an easy way to stay cool. Another easy thing to do is to wear light clothing. We will show you an example of why it s good to wear light clothing. We will keep you in suspence, but we have been watching it all day.

>> Is there a better way to use this?

>> use the reverse switch. It changes the angle of the blades. They are in the downward position. It s pushing the air down. In the summer, that s what you want to do. In the winter, the other way.

>> You can save money at the same time.