Condo water leak causes damage

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Condo owner Wes Mission came home Monday to find his brand new $400,000 condo in uptown in ruins.

"I get home from work, and this is what I find."

"Water seeped through the walls, they had to come in, tear up most of the hardwoods, tear out the baseboards in the walls, and I've been left living in this."

Misson says he hasn't heard from the Trademark's builder and he feels like the building's management has left him out to dry.

"No one wants to step up and take responsibility."

Mission says this isn't the first time something like this has happened.

Jamison Jenkins had a flood in wasn't Trademark's first either.

"This is the third time in six months--it's scary, every time I come back, I'm concerned my house is going to be flooded."

He also wasn't impressed by builder Boulevard Centro or management company Duvall's response.

"It's almost as if they're ostraches and they just stick their heads in sand...(JUMP 31 13 26) the only time you get any response out of them is when they sit there and point their fingers.

Joshua Deal lives in the unit where Monday's flood started...he says neighbors have told him horror stories.

"You know, I've heard about it before, but I was just really shocked."

And Deal says Trademark's problems don't end with flooding, he says he plummeted in an elevator once from the 12th floor to parking.

Builder David Furman says all damaged units will be put back together, and that his company has been working as quickly as possible...that when you're working with insurance companies you can't just sweep in and write checks.

A rep from the property management company says the dry-out from Monday's flood started immediately...and that no restorations can begin until the dry out is completed.