Less Travel on The Road this Memorial Day Weekend.

Memorial day weekend is usually the first big travel time of the year. But this year, more people are staying home, thanks to high gas prices.

The National Average for gas is 3 - 91 a gallon.  In North Carolina it's 3 - 89. Across the state line into South Carolina the state average is 3 -75.

In East Charlotte gas prices have reached another mile stone... 4 dollars and 1 cent for gas in Charlotte at the corner of Albemarle Road and W.T. Harris.  Believe it or not people have been driving up filling their tanks.   But the Pain at the Pump is and in some cases isn't keeping a lot folks from having fun this weekend.

On this memorial day weekend there are two types of drivers on the roads...  One -- folks making short trips.

"I'm going to go see my son which is about 65 miles which is not too bad." said Walter Wilson of Charlotte.

And two -- RACE FANS!

"We started driving Thursday night..."  Larry McGee, and his buddies drove all the way from Houston Texas for the races.  The 4 of them slit the gas money to make the trip.

"That's one reason we were really able to make it." Says McGee.

The trip was over one thousand miles... and the total money they spent on gas.

"About 3 hundred and 30 dollars so far getting here." Says McGee.

But that's nothing compared to some die hard race fans from London, Ontario, Canada.

"equivalent about 5 dollars a gallon... ...as you drive farther away from Canada and get down here the prices seem to get a little bit cheaper."  Says Dennis Sykaoria.  He and his friends come to the race every year.  So far this year they've spent 500 bucks filling their R-V, and they are taking advantage of the "cheap" gas... to go to races all over the country.

"The price of gas doubles we're still coming." Says Sykaoria.

But for the folks pouring 4 dollar gas in their tanks it's a different story this weekend. "no just a family picnic that's it..."

Unfortunately the gas stations near the one with over 4 bucks a gallon are not too far behind this one.  A block or two down the road gas is 3 - 93 a gallon and few miles in the other direction is 3 - 97.  So, aside from race fans most folks are probably going to spend memorial day in their back yards.

To get the most mileage out of your tank.  Triple AAA recommends you drive with a light foot, travel light, to lessen the load....and use cruise control whenever possible.