Police Involved Shooting

A mother and a girlfriend still in shock tonight after an officer fired four shots leaving a 21-year-old man dead. That policeman says he had no choice. This is the young father who was shot and killed on Sylvania Boulevard. Police say he was shot in the talk but police are saying he was holding a gun.  

They've been talking about this all day. You ask ten people what happened out here you will get ten different answers. Police fired four times and two of those shot at Winchester. That 21-year-old is dead. Emotions running high. 21-year-old Aaron Winchester dead after he s shot by a police officer. Tonight his mom wants to know.  

"No police have came to my house to tell me why my son is dead."

Several people claimed to have witnessed the shooting say the officer chased Winchester on the sidewalk after a brief conversation and they believe he was shot in the back.  

"I know there were a lot of people out here claimed to have seen certain things. Our job is to go by the evidence that we have."

That evidence no doubt will include the silver pistol we spotted lying just feet away from Winchester's body. His mom said he was packing a revolver.

"In Charlotte, North Carolina, You have to have a gun."

Police say Winchester pulled that pistol out of his back pocket after he refused verbal commands to turn towards the officer with the gun. The 13-year veteran cop fired four times and hit two times. He has a criminal record. He worked at the north lake mall and fathered a son. Never in her wildest dreams did she think it was turned out like this. His mother was wondering why force was used.  

"I wouldn' t be going to the hospital just for tazer injuries."

We're learning a little bit more about that police officer tonight. He was on the job for 13 years. Worked out of the metro officer. A highly decorated officer even part of the S.W.A.T. Team. He's on administrative leave as than investigation continues, which is standard policy.

His mother is going to request her own autopsy report. No funeral arrangements have been set.